Terms of Engagement

Our Terms and Conditions of Engagement



Price Partnership has signed up for RICS Regulation, this requires a firm to meet certain standards in its client conduct and structure.

We are Registered Valuers, this means we can provide valuation advice to the public, banks and building societies, the Court Service, HMRC, etc etc. Only Registered Valuers can provide “Red Book” valuations, these are the standard forms of valuation where full compliance with RICS guidance and practice notes is mandatory.

As a fellow and director of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and a member of Pyramus and Thisbe, Simon Price must ensure all party wall related matters are dealt with in accordance with the additional rules of conduct laid down by these bodies.

Before undertaking Survey, Valuation and Expert Witness work we will advise you of our terms and conditions of engagement, a basic requirement of the professional bodies to which we belong another requirement being the maintenance of Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We are required to have a complaints procedure in place and this is available on request.

Party Wall work involves a statutory appointment and we are required to fulfil the obligations laid down by the Act in a timely and impartial manner and not as agent or advocate for our appointing owners, hence the ability to be appointed by both building owner and adjoining owner at the same time.

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