The importance of a property survey prior to acquisition

Depending on the property, we tailor our services to suit the circumstances. The important part of the survey is to report on the condition of the property you are buying – weathering, stability, damp, rot, and workmanship – particularly in places you cannot easily see.

We offer three types of report:

A Building Survey Report

Price Partnership will provide a detailed report on the property you may be intending to buy or lease. We deal with the current structure and condition, we identify defects and advise on any necessary repairs, when they should be undertaken and the likely cost.
The report is intended to tell you as much relevant information as possible before you are legally committed to buy and to help you with the purchase decision. The report is also of great value to your solicitor who rarely has the opportunity to see the property and who we can assist by suggesting specific enquiries to raise before you sign the contract.

A Home Survey Report

We offer an abbreviated form of survey report known as the ISVA (Independent Surveyors & Valuers Association) Home Survey Report. This is more suitable when a full Building Survey is more than required. It is less costly and is relevant if the property is a modern house or a purpose-built flat in a block. We will report on significant defects, advise on urgent repair and comment on the purchase price.

A Defects Report

There is no set format for this type of work. If you are concerned about a problem you have identified, we can make an inspection, analyse the evidence and diagnose the cause, advise on the consequences, the seriousness and the best and most cost effective method of repair.