Summer is upon us

Summer is upon us


With the onset of the warm weather we have seen the seasonal decline in activity in the property market. This is a welcome development, work levels have been manic and now we can conclude some of those “long running” party wall matters, implement the planned changes in our office structure and enjoy our individual holidays in July and August.

September usually sees a seasonal upturn. As people return from vacation and sort out their offsprings’ school and university arrangements, they tend to put into action the plans they dreamt up on the sun-lounger. Houses go on the market and new properties are viewed or the prospect of paying stamp duty results in the architect visiting to plan the extension.

We can help with the detailed building survey of your new house or the party wall matters arising from your planned extension. Contact us to talk these through so as to be prepared and avoid surprises. A little bit of planning goes a long way.

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